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What made this a startling observation was that Angell had been colorblind his whole life. Anonymous, when someone just needs to be run through with a big rod. In Advent Children Complete, Cloud is impaled and suspended by Sephiroth's sword, in an explicit recreation on Sephiroth's part of the 'impale Cloud' scene in the Nibel Reactor years ago. Shaka Zulu is said to have condemned several people from his birth village to this, as punishment for having abused him and his mother when he was young. In House of Wax (2005), Paige is impaled through the head with a length of jagged pipe that then holds her up as her body attempts to slump to the floor. The "extreme prejudice" part is covered for sure. And let's not forget Hannah, a minor character in Dark Fire, who got impaled by Gawaine's claws. Or higher (US) DIY Tax Free Federal State Tax Filing (US) Summer's Eve Free Coupons (US) TurboTax Do your Taxes the easy Way - For free (US) E-file E-file your IRS Taxes for free (US) 5 February The Remedy Lab Free Gluten Reaction Remedy Sample. One of the Tetsuya's favorite moves was throwing the Big Booster suddenly and impaling his enemy when it was flying. Makes sense, considering it was intended for going under armor. "Extreme Prejudice" indeed, but then, that's what that Cyberman gets for messing with the woman he loves.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, don't count, but extraordinary stakings do count. He finally kills his enemy by hugging him, impaling him on the sword as well.