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they just go back and look at old episodes to find something to write about. Oliver and Veronica set up a real axe in a stump there as well. Fifteen times the amount she needed. DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story contains a Chekhov's Gun in every other line of dialogue, usually disguised as punchlines or throwaway gags. "Looks like an ordinary briefcase, but this contains exactly the items you'll almost certainly need on your mission." Ü, Irregular Webcomic!, "Espionage a Chekhov's Gun is an item introduced before its use, and is usually quite inconspicuous. E.g Taking a kick to the jewels without feeling pain, the mind controlling the body, him having the experience that age brings as opposed to the energy of youth, etc. 8-Bit Theater : The comic has pulled the mother of all of these, a series of over 1000 comics now taking a seemingly insignificant event from one of the earliest comics and turning it into a plot device involving billions of years, the most powerful. While it was around, its true purpose wasn't fulfilled until three chapters before the end of the entire book: It held the Resurrection Stone. The hard part is figuring out which ones are Chekhov's Guns, which are Red Herrings, and which are something else entirely.

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Also notable is a three-part rod which you need to hunt for the pieces of in the first three Dreamcatcher mods.) In Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist, every single item you picked up had a use. MS Paint Adventures both Problem Sleuth and Homestuck. Last Res0rt If it's an item, pet, or person that has anything to do with one of the main characters, it's probably a Chekhov's Gun. Just about anything that people make passing reference to is intended to be used as one by some person or another, although not all of them end up doing such, it happens often enough. The crew vanishing through an unstable wormhole: went back in time, founded a civilization we encounter in "Common Descent" The stasis pods Eli and Brody are fooling around with: used to save the crew when they decide to leave the galaxy ahead of schedule. The Orb of Agamotto, an artifact that belonged. Laboon and Crocus, an oversized whale and an extremely skilled doctor at the entrance to the Grand Line. Chekov's Armoury isn't just a device Adams used, it's what he based the whole book.